Short Video PSD Templates is the key to success! In fact, large percent of the success of the commercial depends on its duration. Long video tires users and they often do not watch it to the end or even to the middle. The ideal length of the advertising video usually varies within 20-60 seconds. During this time you can fully open the idea of the video. In addition, the video will not have time to annoy the user and even he will want to revise it again.

A competent advertising video psd template carries in itself only that information that should arouse the primary interest of the target audience, without undue detail. User will be able to receive all the additional information later, for example, in the appropriate group or on the official website.

Here is a good example of short advertising video:

When you creating a video psd for social networks, focus only on one topic that you want to touch. It will make the video as simple and short as possible.

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